Creating Customers for Life

When was the last time you walked out of a business or a restaurant and said, WOW, that was amazing service?  The sad truth, it doesn’t happen often enough.  Enter, “Justine”.  Justine is an amazing professional that Lead to Inspire works with regularly for our business needs.  She works at a big box store and the reason we go back each time, to this same business, is because she provides an incredible client experience.
Justine is of course polite and knowledgeable, but she is also efficient and somehow assists 6 people at one time, all with different needs, and doesn’t miss a beat.  If you asked Justine, she’d tell you she doesn’t do anything special, but that’s where she’s wrong.  From our perspective, Justine has figured out the secret sauce, the formula if you will, to keeping her customers happy - consistently.  First, she treats all customers equally, she’s kind, she smiles and she listens to what is needed, then she makes it happen.  We trust Justine, when she’s working on a project for us, we know it will get done right and if she has questions she won’t hesitate to ask, plus she always follows up with what she has promised. 
Most business owners desire to offer incredible service to their clients, but fail to plan for it.   In order to plan for it, you must take the time to think through your vision, create a client experience plan, and then train your team.  Invest in your team, so they are invested in doing what’s right for your business. Doing this will ensure your business has a consistently great customer experience, which in turn will create a raving fan for your business and client for life.