Find Your One-Way Ticket to Self-Motivation

If you’ve ever received a compliment or a pat on the back, you know the feeling that comes with it. Nothing raises your spirits and confidence more than someone saying, “Great job!”   The positive feedback of, “I see you and know you’re working hard,” also motivates you to work even harder.  But what happens when you aren’t getting the feedback you need, you have an off day, maybe self-doubt about what you’re doing.  What do you do to get yourself back on track?
Early in my career, I honestly don’t remember if someone told me about it or I read about it, but I made a “Feel Good File.”   It is a simple manila folder, tucked away in my file drawer, I also have a Feel Good File in my inbox.  The file holds anything from special thank you notes from past leaders, peers or my team, to a client email giving great feedback on a recent training or a project.  The file can also hold a story you found motivating, an article that deals with positive thinking or a quote that is a great reminder to find good in your day.  If it makes you smile, tuck it away.
When I’ve had a “rainy day,” a day when I need a bit of encouragement or inspiration, I go to my Feel Good File and take a few minutes to reflect.  Reading through that file makes me smile and motivates me as I read the encouraging words, the high fives, and remember why I’m doing what I love.  The Feel Good File, is a way to give myself encouragement, to remember others appreciate what I’m doing and even if I didn’t hit a home run today, what’s important is I refocus and keep pushing toward my goals. 
What are you waiting for?  Make your own Feel Good File today so you have inspiration at your fingertips when you need it. We’d also challenge you to hand write a thank you note, praise a team member, a co-worker, or a family member who is working hard on a project.  Your simple gesture will help someone else fill up their own Feel Good File.  By the way, if someone hasn’t told you today, you’re doing a GREAT job!