New Year... Resolution or Goal Setting?

Hard to believe in just a couple of days we’ll be ringing in the New Year and for many setting New Year Resolutions.  At Lead to Inspire we’re not much for resolutions, but we do believe in setting goals.  

Take time today to reflect on what you accomplished last year, then think through what you want to achieve in the coming year.  If you set a goal instead of a resolution, it increases your chance for success and keeps you more focused and motivated to make the goal a reality.  Goal setting is more than simply saying you want something to happen, it’s getting strategic with a plan then figuring out the roadmap you need to achieve success.  Resolutions are usually not a well thought out plan and are rarely sustainable or successful.

Whatever your goal, write it down, give yourself a visual, consider a dartboard, then focus on the bullseye. We have a new year ahead of us, use it as a chance to refocus and take aim!

Happy New Year from our families to yours.