We are C E L E B R A T I N G !!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Lead to Inspire


Let’s CELEBRATE!  Three years ago, we took a leap of faith, walked away from our corporate jobs and Lead to Inspire was born! 

It’s amazing how many people we’ve spoken with since that day, some envy our ability to start this adventure and aspire to do the same, there are those who think it’s great but they have no desire to leave the corporate world and then there are some who simply think we’re crazy.  Perhaps we are, it depends on the day!  Starting our own business has been an AMAZING journey, but it’s also been anything but easy. 

We had a vision when we launched our dream and as any good leadership team does, we’ve adjusted our focus along the way.  To paraphrase the words of Nelson Mandela, we never lose, we either win or learn.  At Lead to Inspire, we’ve found success, won some, but we’ve also learned so much!  No matter what the circumstances, our vision has never wavered from our true goal of wanting to INSPIRE others and celebrate individuals, no matter where they are in their personal and professional growth journey. 

As we all learn and grow, it’s important to remember what applies to your professional life, usually applies to life in general:

  1. When you hit a barrier to something you want, don’t quit, strategize a way around it. Be Intentional!
  2. Embrace change, it is so worth it!
  3. If you’re not challenged, you won’t grow. Step out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens!
  4. When someone says no, it’s a growth moment! Seize it, ask them why, seek feedback and accept that feedback as a gift.
  5. KISS! Keep It Simple Silly. Why do we make things so hard?
  6. YOU are in charge of your own destiny.

Since YOU are in charge of your own destiny, what are you doing to make your dreams, and your vision come true?  To mark our anniversary, we want to help you Manifest your Future, we want to help you follow your dreams big or small.  We’ve put together a simple, downloadable workbook to help you move from dreaming to doing by creating a vision board, check it out at https://leadtoinspire.net/collections/all

Life is short, embrace your future and be Inspired!