The Dream Manager Program®


Say Hello to The Dream Manager Program®!

The Dream Manager Program® is at its core, a life-coaching program developed and implemented by Floyd Consulting. The Program provides a comprehensive approach for people to achieve their dreams and develop a personal strategic plan for their lives as they move toward greater life balance and discover the-best-version-of-themselves®.⁠

As participants are challenged to develop a life-changing personal strategic plan, The Program experience provides regular accountability, thought-provoking content, and encouragement to follow through with the plans they develop. Marcia, a Trained and Certified Dream Manager will guide the process and lead participants through The Program experience.⁠

A participant meets individually with their Dream Manager® once a month. During each of these sessions, one module from The Dream Manager course is covered. Each session has unique material as well as common elements that provide continuity from one session to the next.⁠

Each participant receives a Dream Manager Program workbook to take notes, write observations, complete exercises, and track progress from one session to the next. Take-home activities allow participants to keep the momentum going between coaching sessions with their Dream Manager and help them create positive habits.⁠

How Can The Dream Manager Program Benefit You?⁠

✔️ Helps develop a personal strategic plan for life⁠

✔️ Creates clarity around goals, ambitions, and dreams⁠

✔️ Develops life balance⁠

✔️ Improves health and wellness⁠

✔️ Provides extraordinary career pathing⁠

✔️ Increases engagement in life, work, and relationships⁠

✔️ Develops management and leadership skills⁠

✔️ Provides a vision for a bigger future⁠


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